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I enjoy the sounds of: Thursday . Saves The Day . The Get Up Kids . Alkaline Trio . Joy Division . Miles Away . xLooking Forwardx . Bane . Dynasty . Sleeping Giant . Cruel Hand . Madball . Champion . Comeback Kid . Eminem . Wu- Tang Clan . and many more .
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I believe in God/Jesus mmk .


3 “albums” that NEED to be put out on vinyl

'Live @ The Granada Theater' - The Get Up Kids

(I wanna spin live TGUK and dance and feel the raw live performance as long as a breathe.)

'Ups & Downs: Early Recordings & B-Sides' - Saves The Day

(We all want to be able to spin ‘Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off To Heaven’)

'Kill The House Lights' - Thursday

(I want to be able to spin ‘Ladies & Gentleman: My Brother, The Failure’, ‘Dead Songs’ & ‘Voices On A String’. Very solid songs.)

Love me or let go,
No longer care if I die alone.

Saves The Day


I’m so excited to see Saves The Day tomorrow!
Saw them about 6 months ago, just as excited every time I go see them!

Please get outta my way fickle saves fans! Let me in the front! You only wanna hear the first 3 album songs?

I wanna hear every song ever!

I’ll cut out my throat and eat it raw and drown in the blood as it fills my lungs.

Saves The Day

I hope everyone finds that/those band(s) that just lifts their spirit and you just want to sing out every word and feel every emotion. When you’re down someone or a group wrote something that can touch you on another level and pull you out of whatever is ailing you & that’s such a wonderful thing.

So glad bands like Saves The Day, Bayside & Taking Back Sunday are still going strong. They just get better with age