Aaron . Texas made . Fort Worth .

I enjoy the sounds of: Thursday . Saves The Day . The Get Up Kids . Alkaline Trio . Joy Division . Miles Away . xLooking Forwardx . Bane . Dynasty . Sleeping Giant . Cruel Hand . Madball . Champion . Comeback Kid . Eminem . Wu- Tang Clan . and many more .
My joys in life: Vinyl collecting . The Simpsons . PS3 . Star Wars . The Alien movie franchise . Manga . Anime . Dragon Ball Z . Sports . Texas Rangers . Dallas Mavericks . Dallas Stars . Texas A&M Aggies . Carolina Panthers . Family .
I believe in God/Jesus mmk .


Love me or let go,
No longer care if I die alone.

Saves The Day


I’m so excited to see Saves The Day tomorrow!
Saw them about 6 months ago, just as excited every time I go see them!

Please get outta my way fickle saves fans! Let me in the front! You only wanna hear the first 3 album songs?

I wanna hear every song ever!

I’ll cut out my throat and eat it raw and drown in the blood as it fills my lungs.

Saves The Day

Wasting life reliving yesterday

Saves The Day

I hope everyone finds that/those band(s) that just lifts their spirit and you just want to sing out every word and feel every emotion. When you’re down someone or a group wrote something that can touch you on another level and pull you out of whatever is ailing you & that’s such a wonderful thing.

So glad bands like Saves The Day, Bayside & Taking Back Sunday are still going strong. They just get better with age

And I, I don’t know why.
Everyone you know will someday die.

Saves The Day